RMC Position Papers

For Rutgers Model Congress, you are required to write two position papers, one on each of your committee’s topics. Please follow the outline below when drafting your paper, and note the example RMC position paper attached below to observe specific formatting and obtain an understanding of how to express your ideas.

1. An introduction that summarizes the topic and your state’s position on how to address that topic.
2. An expanded summary of your state’s position on the topic and a brief overview of the reason for that position, whether it be political, historic, social, etc.
3. An overview of your committee’s jurisdiction in addressing the topic.
4. A clear explanation of how you think your committee should address the topic
5 แถลงการณ์. A conclusion that summarizes your goals for the conference to address the topic from your state’s position within your committee’s jurisdiction.

Sample RMC Position Paper: