Directors of Membership and Mentorship

Cameron Howland is a senior at Highland Park High School who is excited to be helping mentorship and membership this year along with Lydia. When he is not involved in HPMUNC, he can be found taking part in the school’s musicals and plays, competing on Highland Park’s mock trial team, as well as playing guitar, French horn, and trumpet.

Lydia Lekhal is a junior at Highland Park High School and one of the Directors of Mentorship. Outside of HPMUNC she loves to play soccer, run track, and watch football. Her favorite soccer team is Real Madrid and her favorite football player is Joe Burrow!

Director of Program Development

Milo Shiffman is a senior at HPHS and the Director Of Program Development. He is most well known for the “N” in HPMUNC logo covering his face on the website. Outside of MUN, he spends his time obsessively watching movies on The Criterion Channel or singing in Master Chamber Choir, when he is not trapped in Mr. Gold´s room, when Mr. Gold refuses to let him out after Mock Trial. Please help, it is getting dark in here!

Director of Outreach and Inclusivity

Akhul Arvind is a junior at Highland Park High School and is the Director of Outreach and Inclusivity. He likes to play soccer and do taekwondo. He likes to try all kinds of different foods and makes pretty good jokes.

Directors of Debate

Mason Springer-Lipton is a senior advisor Highland Park High School and is looking forward to helping with the debates this year. When not making debate posters, he is helping to run the Dead Center Club and taking part in the Drama Club.

Maeve Silverman is a senior at Highland Park High School and one of the Director of Debates. When she isn’t moderating debates, Maeve is the leader of the Women’s Issues Club, swims, and loves to eat bagels. 

Director of Communication

Christine Chen is a junior at HPHS and is the Director of Communications here at HPMUNC! Outside of MUNC, she enjoys watching her comfort show Gilmore Girls, doing calligraphy, and is involved in the mock trial team as well as the school newspaper.