At the Conference


  • Ask your directors questions if you have them don’t be scared!
  • Ask mentors/senior members questions!
  • Always leave a bit early, especially when the elevators get crowded
  • If the elevators are really, really crowded suck it up and take the stairs
  • RMC is a little more aggressive than MUN, be prepared for it
  • Prepare to work around power delegates, protecting your ideas from getting stolen
  • Instead of striving for consensus like at RUMUN, focus on getting a simple majority behind your bill in RMC
  • Ask your director to take a straw poll on a subject if you feel it can help further your bill/resolution
  • Your best weapon is having really well thought  out, detailed, opinions with statistics and facts to support them.



  • Get to committee 15 minutes early and introduce yourself fellow delegates, and directors. Don’t be too intense or too casual. Both will make people wary of you.
  • Utilize note passing to formulate a bloc of delegates with similar views to your own.
  • Establish a form of communication for working on papers outside of committee (text, Facebook, email)
  • Always exchange Facebook info at the end. You never know who will show up in your committee again in the future.


Public Speaking

  • Advocating for your ideas
  • Get people’s attention, say things that are unique (nobody is listening to the millionth person saying “what we really need is education”)
  • Be ASSERTIVE without being AGGRESSIVE
  • Utilize analogies in speeches
  • If you notice another delegate being a bully, call them out on it without being disrespectful yourself
  • be flexible – if someone says what you were going to say, adapt and don’t get frustrated!


At the Conference: Where to eat/ Sleep/ Organization/ Timing

  • Power delegates are going to be at the conference! They are going to be annoying! Deal with it! Sometimes they have good ideas, so don’t completely write them off as soon as you hear them say “Hello chair, fellow delegates..”
  • Take a look at the conference schedule as soon as you get it
  • Good Places to Eat
    • Chipotle (crowded)
    • Indochine
    • My Way Korean
    • The Counter
    • Sushi Room
    • Cafe Bene
    • bring food from home
    • Mediterranean Crepe Place
  • You probably won’t get as much sleep as you usually do. Coffee is your friend.
  • HYDRATE!!!! Can not stress this enough! Bring a water bottle!
  • If you made a research binder, use it! Shoot down arguments with FACTS! Support arguments with FACTS! (But also use analogies and other persuasive techniques)