HPMUNC Newsletter 05/03/2023


Welcome to Week 29 of the HPMUNC Newsletters!

General Announcements:

– Congrats to Hugh William Kelly Pemberton III for winning Best Delegate at Cornell MUN!!!

– Make sure you fill out the food form on the HPMUNC google classroom for CJMUNC if you are attending CJMUNC either as staff or as a delegate!!

– Donate to Yaya’s GoFundMe concerning earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria. All proceeds go to Doctors without borders. 


Debate Announcements:

– This week’s debate topic is about the Censorship of Education! 

Weekly News:

This week’s articles are


– A rare dust storm hit Illinois on Interstate 55. The storm gave zero visibility to drivers and led to 6 deaths and 30 injuries. The storm led to multiple accidents which caught fire. Police did not know how to deal with the issue as they had never seen anything like it before. Many drivers were urged to take different routes to avoid the mess throughout the day, but the wind was still blowing in those directions as well. Normally it is not this windy in the area until August so many were left confused as to why it had occurred this early in the year.


– The Republicans have seen their first win in Congress after passing a bill in the House that will raise the debt ceiling by cutting certain programs in the government’s budget. Many Democrats are angered by the new bill as it sees most cuts coming for healthcare and education programs yet none for the military. Chuck Schumer has sworn that the bill will not pass once it reached the Senate, but Congress must still deal with the issue of increased debt and deficit over the last six years.

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