RMC Committee Assignments

Below are committee assignments and roles for RMC 2018. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Gold, Ms. Wilson or any of your HP MUNC Officers.

Committee Delegate Position State
1787 Julia Liebell-McLean SC – Rutledge
1787 Adam Liebell-McLean Luther Martin – MD
Banking Ava Schwartz Tammy Duckworth (D) Illinois
Banking Edan Blank Pat Roberts (R) Kansas
Constitution Adeesa Haneef D Illinois
Constitution Charlie Scott R Kansas
Constitution Chianli  Hang D Indiana
CST Ezra Seidel Tammy Duckworth (D) Illinois
CST Kyle Digaetano Pat Roberts (R) Kansas
Education Kimmy Lin D Indiana
Mayor’s Office Phoebe Chong Department of Education
Education Tara Shukla R Kansas
HELP Emily Berman Tammy Duckworth (D) Illinois
HELP Marzia Karim James Risch (R) Idaho
Hillary Max Shiffman Garry Gensler
HELP Dylan Tulluch Pat Roberts (R) Kansas
Hillary Liv Estes Dan Schwerin
Historical CIA Marc Ramrekha CIA – Iraq
Homeland Juhee Jeong R Kansas
Homeland Sam Kovac D Indiana
Judiciary Uriel Morales-Avila D Indiana
Intelligence Duncan Wood Pat Roberts (R) Kansas
Intelligence Gurvin Anand Joe Donnelly (D) Indiana
Intelligence Sean Li Tammy Duckworth (D) Illinois
Intelligence Zeyue Li James Risch (R) Idaho
Judiciary Anna Gao R Idaho
Judiciary Charles Strehlo D Illinois
Judiciary Julia Woodward R Kansas
Historical CIA Sophia McDermott-Hughes Director of Operations and Resource Management
Natural Resources Harry Petska D Idaho
Natural Resources Finn Girvan D Illinois
Natural Resources Kenneth Chao R Kansas
Natural Resources Talia Lapidus R Indiana
NSC Elan Isaacson CIA Director
Presidential Cabinet Lucas Sass Secretary of Education – Elisabeth Prince DeVos
Presidential Cabinet Adelina Branescu Energy Sec
Technology Marcelo Escalante Microsoft
Western Avery Haley-Lock Christopher Smith, (R) New Jersey
Western Katie Volpert Eliot Engel (D) New York
Western Uchechi Odikanwa Karen Bass (D) California