Position Paper Tip Sheet

Intro Paragraph: Grab the reader’s attention and demonstrate your understanding of the issue and its relevance to your country

Body Paragraphs (you may choose to break these into more body paragraphs, but make sure all concepts are covered):
1. Further explain the problem and why your country cares about it
2. Explain how the international community has addressed the problem in the past
3. Argue how the international community should address the problem in the present
4. Argue how your committee, under its jurisdiction, can play a role in addressing the problem

Conclusion Paragraph: Be very specific as to your expectations for the committee based on your perspective of what the problem is and how it should be solved.

Do not use first-person when writing. Only write in a manner such as “The Republic of Korea argues find out more…”
Do cite your sources, but do not cite the brief directly. MLA formatting should be used as seen in the sample.
Do use the proper paper formatting based on the sample.
Do not quote excessively.
Do have someone else review the paper to ensure clarity.

Here is a copy of the Position Paper Tip Sheet. It provides useful information on formatting and organizing your position paper.

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