Directors of Membership and Mentorship

Olivia Lockey is a senior at Highland Park High School and one of the directors of Mentorship and Membership. She is also Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Fling, which everyone should write for! In her free time, she enjoys creative writing, singing, swimming, and spending her afternoons doing homework at OQ.

Katie Volpert is a junior at HPHS and an officer of mentorship and membership. Aside from MUN/C, she plays soccer for the school and participates in Mock Trial (PLEASE JOIN!!) and the environmental club. In her free time, Katie enjoys practicing makeup, styling clothing, and making really bad puns.


Director of Program Development

Elan Isaacson is a senior at Highland Park High School and the Director of Communications for the Highland Park Model UN/Congress club. Elan runs lights for the high school drama productions and plays soccer and enjoys watching Arrested Development, as well as listening to the musical mastermind that is Taylor Swift.


Director of Outreach

Julia Woodward is a junior at Highland Park High School and the director of Outreach. Outside of MUN/C, Julia plays piano and sometimes violin, soccer for the High School team, and participates in Environmental Club. She spends her time watching the Office, eating lots of dark chocolate, and going to Dairy Deluxe.


Directors of Debates

 Charlie Strehlo is a junior at HPHS and one of the directors of debate. He also participates in Mock Trial and Deadcenter, and recommends joining! His interests include creative writing, Stephen King books and video games.

Avery Haley Lock is a senior at Highland Park High School and one of the Directors of Debate for HPMUN/C. They organize and chair debates every Thursday after school. Outside of the club, they enjoy painting, learning languages, and drinking bubble tea.