MIMUN 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to all those who won awards at MIMUN and who took part in the conference.

Overall Best Delegation: Highland Park High School


  • Honorable Mention: Charles Strehlo
  • Best Delegate: Edan Blank
  • Delegates’ Choice: Charles Strehlo


  • Honorable Mention: Julia Woodward
  • Outstanding Delegate: Katie Volpert
  • Outstanding Delegate: Avery Haley-Lock

Saudi Arabian Cabinet:

  • Best Delegate: Sophia McDermott-Hughes

Iranian Cabinet:

  • Position Paper: Adelina Branescu

US Cabinet:

  • Best Delegate: Lucas Sass

UN Security Council 2018:

  • Outstanding Delegate: Marcelo Escalante
  • Best Delegate: Olivia Estes
  • Delegates’ Choice: Marcelo Escalante

US Security Council 1961:

  • Best Delegate: Adam Liebell-McLean
  • Position Paper: Emily Berman

Warsaw Pact 1961:

  • Position Paper: Marc Ramrekha
  • Outstanding Delegate: Olivia Lockey
  • Best Delegate: Marc Ramrekha
  • Delegates’ Choice: Marc Ramrekha

NATO 1961:

  • Outstanding Delegate: Julia Liebell-McLean

European Union:

  • Delegates’ Choice: Sean Li

Press Delegation:

  • Best Delegate: Irene Westfall

Crisis/Simulation Awards:

  • Historical Committees: Marc Ramrekha