Hall of Fame

Final Barack Banner

In recognition of your ability to use public speaking as a tool for persuasion, problem-solving, and diplomacy.

2013-2014: Chris Zhou

2014-2015: Leo Goldman

2015-2016: Michelle Fan

2016-2017: Andrew Moore and Sam Leibowitz-Lord

2017-2018: Marc Ramrekha

2018-2019: Emily Berman


In recognition of your ability to find common ground with those you disagree with in order to overcome collective action problems.

2013-2014: Mary Yan

2014-2015: Micah Gartenberg

2015-2016: Hailey Conrad

2016-2017: Adam Liebell-McLean

2017-2018: Elan Isaacson

2018-2019: Julia Woodward

LBJ Banner

In recognition of your ability to get things done in Model UN & Congress committees that require advanced political skills.

2013-2014: Elena Weissmann

2014-2015: Chris Zhou

2015-2016: Noah Callahan

2016-2017: Ethan Bull

2017-2018: Adam Liebell-McLean

2018-2019: Charlie Strehlo

*Julia Liebell-McLean
Most Prepared Award*

In recognition of your advanced ability to research and prepare for conference participation.

2013-2014: Miranda Safir

2014-2015: Tia Wangli

2015-2016: Adelina Branescu

2016-2017: Julia Liebell-McLean

2017-2018: Irene Westfall

2018-2019: Gurvin Anand

Class 2014 Passion Banner

In recognition of your passion for making HPMUNC the best club it can be.

2013-2014: Gabe Trevor

2014-2015: Owen Fessant-Eaton

2015-2016: Micah Gartenberg & Shana Oshinskie

2016-2017: Liv Estes

2017-2018: Adelina Branescu

2018-2019: Sophia McDermott-Hughes and Olivia Lockey

Most Improved Banner

In recognition of your personal development shown throughout your time participating in Model UN and Model Congress conferences.

2013-2014: Grace Chong

2014-2015: Jacob Callahan

2015-2016: Mateo Juliani

2016-2017: Elan Isaacson

2017-2018: Phoebe Chong

2018-2019: Avery Haley-Lock

Charlotte Finegold Banner

In recognition of your outstanding leadership skills demonstrated both inside committee and in all other facets of the MUN/C club.

2013-2014: Eli Liebell-McLean

2014-2015: Becca Chant

2015-2016: Leo Goldman

2016-2017: Michelle Fan

2017-2018: Julia Liebell-McLean

2018-2019: Elan Isaacson

Mentor Award Banner

In recognition of outstanding mentorship  

2013-2014: Zoe Temple

2014-2015: Shana Oshinskie

2015-2016: Julia Brennan

2016-2017: Marc Ramrekha

2017-2018: Sophia McDermott-Hughes

2018-2019: Edan Blank and Max Shiffman

*Core Four Award*

In recognition of your ability to get good things done on behalf of the club.

2015-2016: Tia Wangli

2016-2017: Alex Saff

2017-2018: Liv Estes

2018-2019: Katie Volpert