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    Elan Isaacson

    This week’s articles are, “Is China the World’s New Colonial Power?”, by Brook Larmer, “Is China a Colonial Power?” by James L. Milward and http://www.chinaafricaproject.com/category/podcast/. The first article gives a in depth summary and overview of China’s involvement in Africa and the recent developments they have taken in the region to exert more power. The second article is an opinion piece that speaks about how China appears to be taking on a role of colonial power in Africa as well as in Asia. The third link goes to a series of podcasts that discuss China and China’s role and actions in developing nations. What are your thoughts on the articles? Is China a colonial power? How do you think the US should respond? Come discuss on our forums with other HP MUNC members.

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    If Communist China is a colonial power, they are failing and will do so further. First of all, Communist China is not colonizing anywhere nor is it claiming land that is outside of China and some disputed areas near it (on which they are wrong). It is clear that Communist China is investing heavily in Africa, but that is all it is, investing. They have found it profitable to do business in Africa and in return they do many useful projects for the people living there. Second and less importantly, Communist nations like Communist China historically opposed colonialism, with Mao himself often criticizing colonial empires. It would be very hypocritical of them to then replace the British or Portuguese. Finally, the second they actually turn into a real colonial power (in a scenario that is hilariously unlikely because they won’t, but pretend they do), almost every nation in NATO and Africa if not the UN straight up condemning the action, will declare war on them. China would go from making a profit to making it rain Minuteman IIIs on Shanghai. There is simply no reason for the Communist Chinese to make this change or to claim otherwise.

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