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    Elan Isaacson

    This week’s articles are “A Look at What Didn’t Happen in the Alabama Senate Race” by The Associated Press, “Moore calls sexual-assault allegations ‘ritual defamationby David Weigel and “Liberal Outsiders Pour Into Alabama Senate Race, Treading Lightly” by J These articles discuss the ongoing special election that will happen on October 12. Currently there are several well supported allegations of sexual harassment, assault and in engaging with inappropriate relations with 16-year-old girls as a 30-year-old. Despite these allegations, Roy Moore still holds a narrow lead over Democratic challenger Doug Jones and recently received President Donald Trump’s endorsement. What are your thoughts on Roy Moore and the allegations? Should the Senate vote to expel him should he be elected? How does Donald Trump’s endorsement of Roy Moore impact the image of the GOP and President Trump himself? Do you think Roy Moore will be elected? Come discuss on our forums with other HP MUNC members.

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    I support Moore, not because I support pedophilia, but because I see his political beliefs as similar to those that I have like restricted gun control. I cannot, in good conscious, support a man with contradictory political beliefs over a man I mostly agree with because of a behavioral issue, especially when the Senate is split 52-48. If it were of little consequence to the current political landscape, maybe it would be a bit different, but he is necessary to holding onto Republican dominance of the government.


    Sam Kovac

    I respect your opinion Dylan… but personally I could not endorse a candidate who is as scandal ridden as Roy Moore. Despite the false yearbook note six women have come out and accused Moore of sexual harassment and we know he was banned from Gadsden mall (most likely for inappropriately hitting on younger women). If Roy Moore won the senate seat it would be worse for the Republican party. It would show that we have reached a level of polarization in American politics that trumps basic moral behavior and common sense in our country. I wouldn’t judge Alabamians for not voting for Jones if he does not represent their values (I do not believe people should feel morally obligated to vote for the opposing candidate because their candidate is distasteful) but I believe a vote for Roy Moore is condoning inappropriate behavior towards women and should not be tolerated in our politics and society.



    Hi Sam. A. Cool Avatar, and B. I agree mostly with you. This election was a lot like the recent Presidential Election (except Hillary is way worse than Doug Jones) in that it was choose between a candidate that you disagree with politically or the candidate with some scandals. It is not an ideal scenario which is part of why I would have preferred if Luther Strange remained the candidate instead of Moore, but you make do with what you’ve got. Regardless, it doesn’t matter now as Jones won and the Senate is divided. I remember the last time a Senate was this divided, and it resulted in a Galactic Empire, so make sure you either join the dark side or restore balance to the political force.

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