Week of 11/13/17: President Trump’s Trip to Asia

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    Elan Isaacson

    This week’s articles are “Donald Trump’s Asia tour leaves observers perplexed” by Aleem Maqbool, “Trump touts his dealmaking skills as solution to South China Sea disputeby Euan McKirdy and “China Has Donald Trump Just Where It Wants Him” by Roger Cohen. These three articles discuss the trip by President Donald Trump to Asia over the past week. Over the trip by President Trump to Asia the topics of North Korea and trade were at the forefront of the discussions between heads of states. What do you think should be done right now about both of the issues? How do you think President Trump carried himself and represented the United States of America? Come discuss on our forums with other HP MUNC members.

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    I think the President was maybe too presidential. If I were in his place, I would have likely flexed America’s might to show that I mean business. But being a superpower of the world and trying to feign friendship with a rival nation isn’t exactly easy, so meh.

    I think that America should push China’s influence back. The Communist threat has yet to cease, especially in South East Asia where 40% of the Communist nations in the world are, 80% in East Asia. It is good though that I can list all of those countries on one hand: “Best Korea”, PRC, Vietnam, and Laos. Cuba is the 5th by the way. Anyway, if America can continue to influence this part of the world, then eventually we can win over nations back to Capitalism/Democracy/Freedom/etc. For example, Vietnam is actually actively competing against PRC for control over parts of the South China sea. Showing good nature to the weaker Communist nations and not-at-all-Communist nations to weaken the stronger Communist nations should probably be our strategy. In other words, support the lesser of two evils. It may not be as popular an opinion as it once was, but Communism is inherently evil.It was and is still America’s job to spread freedom to the parts of the world less fortunate to have it. The South China Sea dispute is just a less violent and likely over escalated Bay of Pigs or Berlin. It is a surrogate conflict, and it is in our best interests to come out on top and to have China as weak as possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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