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    Julia Woodward
    Weekly News:
    This past Tuesday we had the Midterm Elections, where we elected Senators and Representatives to Congress. While the House was previously dominated by Republicans, the Democrats took it back, gaining over 30 seats and the majority. The Senate continues to be majority Republican, with 47 seats occupied by Democrats and 51 seats occupied by Republicans. The Senate elections in Arizona, Florida, and Mississippi have yet to declare a winner.
    This week’s articles are: Midterm elections return Democrats to a debate over their 2020 presidential choice: Passion or pragmatism?Mid-term elections 2018: Florida orders recount of votes, and Here are Some of the Women Who Made History in the Midterm Elections. The first article discusses who, based off of the results of the midterms, the Democratic presidential candidate for 2020 should be. The second looks deeper into the Florida vote recount, and the third discusses the record number of women elected to Congress this past week. What are your thoughts on the articles? Do you believe the Democratic candidate should rival Trump in character and have a “smash-mouth” campaign, or promote a uniting message as his/her baseline? Do you agree that a recount in Florida should be happening? Or do you agree with President Trump in that it is just the Democrats plan to “steal” the election? What do you think the number of “firsts” elected to Congress this past week imply about America’s progressive movement?
    Please keep all discussion civil.


    In terms of the first article, I think that the best strategy for the democrats to defeat Trump in 2020 is if they nominate him making all the Republicans afraid to vote for the Democratic nominee.
    In terms of the second article, I do think that a recount is likely necessary, at the very least a good safety measure so much as it is carried out properly by a truly neutral third party. It should be noted that there does seem to be something wrong with the tally in a couple counties in Florida, most notably Broward County, where votes are seemingly materializing out of nowhere at the moment.
    In terms of the third article, I don’t care if a politician is a man or a woman, I care about what they believe. Congress could have 500 women in it or no women in it and I wouldn’t care either way, instead I care if they represent my beliefs on the issues (hence the purpose of voting). This thus seems like a rather silly measurement of progress like having a record number of left-handed or under 5’4″ congressman. Does it really matter who they are outside of their politics?



    Arguably it does to an extent, in terms of their ability to empathize. While I agree who they are should matter very little in the long run, it does also have to be a factor of consideration. Say there is an issue in the voting district regarding tax fraud, who would be better suited to deal with it and understand the issue? A tax policy advisor now running for Congress or a businessman with alleged tax fraud. In that case perhaps who they are matters in their ability to understand and deal with an issue.



    While that example is flawed because the tax evader has committed a crime, I understand your point. I’m talking about the generally meaningless identities used in identity politics and am saying that these identities are meaningless. I am also saying that it is important to look past them because doing so is blinding yourself of their merits (beliefs, skills, etc.) and influencing your decision on these meaningless identities like race, gender, and other such things. Do you know what we call people who do this? Racist, sexist, pejorative -ist. Do you concur?

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