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    Elan Isaacson

    This week’s articles are “Iran’s Guard claims victory against anti-government protests” by the AP, “Iran protests: Social media messaging battle rages” by The BBC, “Haley declares Iran ‘on notice,’ but cracks show in US, European approaches to protests” by Zachary Cohen and Richard Roth and “The Lessons of Iran’s Protests” by Krishnadev Calamur. These articles discuss the ongoing protests in Iran as anti-government activists continue to express their opposition to the regime. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has claimed that they have succeeded in suppressing the protesters. The protests have received US support but many European nations are distancing themselves. What are your thoughts on the protests in Iran? Do you think protesters should receive US support? Come discuss on our forums with other HP MUNC members.

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    Sam Kovac

    I believe U.S. foreign policy with Iran has been a failure over the past couple decades. In 1953, the U.S. orchestrated a coup d’etat against Iranian prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh. The regime lasted until 1979, when he was overthrown by the Iranian people due to poor social and economic conditions. Our relationship with Iran has been less than adequate ever since. In 2015, the US, Iran, and other European countries signed the Iran Nuclear Deal, which puts restrictions on Iran’s capacity to develop a nuclear weapon for 10 years in exchange for the US lifting economic sanctions. Now we arrive at the present. Protests have now broken out over President Hassan Rouhani’s failure to decrease unemployment despite its recent economic gains. In my opinion, The US should publicly condemn Iran for its blatant human rights violations and mistreatment toward the protestors. However, I have numerous objections to the US policy with Iran. Obama decision to sign the Iran Nuclear Deal was a disaster. The Iranian government has used its improved economy to provide economic aid to terrorist organizations, and the agreement ensures in 10 years, when the deal expires, Iran will have nuclear capabilities. As bad as this deal has been President Trump has found a way to lower the bar even further by disavowing the agreement. This hurts the US’s credibility in foreign affairs, by showing how easily our leaders can retract on their promises. In the end I believe it’s best to stay the course of action we’ve agreed to, and while we should publicly condemn Rouhani’s actions, we should refrain from enforcing economic sanctions.



    I agree that America should support the protesters and their right to freely speak out against the government. I am also disappointed in the European nations that failed to support these people in their protests against an authoritarian regime. Many of these nations claim they support freedom but when people are in the streets protesting against authoritarianism, they can’t be bothered. Anyone else?

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