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    If I would have to blame to conversation devolving on a specific person I would say Dylan is the culprit. If you just kept debating instead of making light of the issue the problem wouldn’t exist. You could just steer the conversation back on track.

    But I will say Zeyue’s last comment didn’t help, unless he believes communism and the march are linked


    Zeyue Li

    I mean that if it were communism, everyone would be equal so men and women would be completely equal (I’m talking about perfect communism, but I don’t think perfect communism is sustainable at this moment).
    No sexual assault because people are viewed as equal.
    No leaders so no one to blame stuff on.



    But people are mean and hurtful sometimes anyway, we are equal under the law now as Dylan said earlier. But that doesn’t stop people from being @&#@$. So just because people are legally equal does not mean that will happen in practice.


    Dylan J. Tulloch

    Max, could you clarify what you mean by @&#@$? Also, I think that if we maintained a status quo in America in regards to gender equality, that would probably be better than the government trying to resolve some smaller practices that were already illegal. Creating new laws on banning practices already illegal will result in little but more of a bureaucratic mess that can easily be avoided.



    @&#@$= Jerks

    With all do respect Dylan telling a bunch of people who dont feel respected or treated well that the best course of action is, do nothing, might not go over too well. Sure the laws are fine, but education programs could always be made.


    Dylan J. Tulloch

    Education programs like what? Also what laws would you have instated?



    Dont be a sexist

    a program teaching people not to be sexist
    Early education is really important in terms of development, try starting there. If we just say “this will fix itself one day” nothing will happen or whatever happens will be uncontrolled and slow.

    Also do you like ever read what I write? “Sure the laws are fine, but education programs could always be made.” and then you ask ” Also what laws would you have instated?” in response. Like I just said the laws are ok


    Dylan J. Tulloch

    What defines sexism though? Something that you may consider sexist is something that I may not and vice versa? And what about other people’s cultural backgrounds? Are Muslim girls going to be asked to take off their hijab as a sign that they reject the patriarchal basis of their religion? I can only see an educational program about sexism going very poorly like trying to force prayer at the beginning of a day of school in a public school.


    Marcelo Escalante

    After reading all these, I got a headache.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)

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