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    Elan Isaacson

    This week’s articles are, “Trump Veers to a Korea Plan That Echoes Failures of the Past”, by Mark Landler and David E. Sanger, and “Trump Announces Summit Meeting With Kim Jong-un Is Back on” by Peter Baker. These articles detail the North Korea summit and the approach that the Trump Administration will likely take. What are your thoughts on the articles? What do you think about the summit? What would you like to have come out of it? Come discuss on our forums with other HP MUNC members.


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    If something good comes of a meeting with North Korea happens, then that is good. If not, and I mean even like some good and some bad, then it is a failure. We are, as America, always bargaining from a position of strength. Any compromise that does not fully benefit America weakens America’s standing. It may make us look more friendly, but in a world filled to the brim with assholes, that also means a pushover. Imagine America continually ceding power through “peace deals” (because we were never at war) that make us weaker because some third world dictators are a little upset. If WW2 taught us anything it should be that appeasement never works. They will always want more, and they will ask. It is important to prevent that from happening at all costs, even if it means looking bad to most of the world (even though most of the world’s
    governments are a bunch of Anti-American idiots).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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