1/29/18 Newsletter

Hello HP MUNC Members,

General Announcements:

  • Check our website calendar for information on any upcoming events.

RMC 2018:

  • RMC Tryouts
    • When: Tuesday, February 6th and Thursday, February 8th after school.
    • Where: Media Center
    • Topic: DACA
    • Sign up sheets have been posted on the bulletin board across from Mr. Gold’s room. If you want to go to RMC you must attend one of these tryouts.(Information regarding tryout exceptions will be sent directly to those eligible for exemptions through email)

MIMUN 2018:

  • There will be a mandatory MIMUN meeting Monday, January 29 after Period 5 midterms in Mr. Gold’s room. Bring your lunch.
  • All those participating in MIMUN this year must attend at least two debates before the conference.

Debate Announcements:

  • There will be no debate this week due to midterms.
  • Remember if you wish to go to MIMUN then you must attend 2 debates.
  • MIMUN Debate Attendance can be found on the website.
  • A list of all future debates can be found on the website.
  • Want to debate a particular subject? Suggest a debate topic on our website (HPMUNC.com), or talk to a HP MUNC officer!

Weekly News:

Thank you,
Your HP MUNC Officers

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